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She doesn’t have to be pretty, a 3-1 victory for RFE

Rock, Flag, and Eagle (2-2-1) arrived at the pitch on Monday eager to shake off a heartbreaking loss to The Firm, facing off for the first time against expansion team Club Mudd.   New to the league, Club Mudd sat in

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In 18-9 Rout, Young Hoppers send Softballs Big Knockers back to training bras

Just like your underwear after food poisoning, the Hoppers are a team of hot streaks.  When we’re on, we’re on.  When we’re off, definitely try to avoid talking to Josh for a few days. And on this particular Wednesday, we

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Biggie Shorties Win the Firefight, 5-4, Over MSI

The onset of summer means the onset of compulsory athletic activities.  For example, when someone casually asks you… “Yo.  How do you feel about playing more soccer?” …the end result is joining an entirely new league, new night, new team. 

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GET READY. The Summer of Tomboyer

If I’m indoors for more than three consecutive hours in the summer, I’m either staring wistfully out the window at work, sleeping to repair my muscles, or straight deadsies. If I’m faithful to you (and I’m going to try, but

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