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Haaaave mercy! Young Hoppers demolish Demand CurveBallers 24-1

have mercy

Paging Jesse Katsopolis.  Jesse Katsopolis, please report to center stage for your montage. It’s a bit late for mercy.  WOWZERS. The Young Hoppers (5-0) put on an old fashioned circus of mashery while the Demand CurveBallers (1-5) just kind of

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Young Hoppers Start 4-0, Back on Top of League Standings

this is totally dubie

July 7, 2013 Washington, DC – Rewind to spring season, when the Young Hoppers had trouble with the fundamentals of softball.  We struggled with our timing at the plate and decision-making in the field.  We got the little things wrong,

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In 18-9 Rout, Young Hoppers send Softballs Big Knockers back to training bras

white house

Just like your underwear after food poisoning, the Hoppers are a team of hot streaks.  When we’re on, we’re on.  When we’re off, definitely try to avoid talking to Josh for a few days. And on this particular Wednesday, we

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GET READY. The Summer of Tomboyer

sports bras

If I’m indoors for more than three consecutive hours in the summer, I’m either staring wistfully out the window at work, sleeping to repair my muscles, or straight deadsies. If I’m faithful to you (and I’m going to try, but

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Young Hoppers Fall to Translate This 13-11


Wednesday, April 17 Washington, DC Well, fuck you very much.  I know this isn’t my personal blog, but instead a chronicle of the athletic feats and defeats of the teams on which I play, but I can’t help but point

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House Hoppers International: missing ugliest players, Hoppers win 17 to 12

Wednesday April 10, 2013 Reporting to you from “someplace warm.  A place where the beer flows like wine.  Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.”  I’m talkin’ bout a little place called Barcelona.  Special correspondent Andrew Kovacs gets the

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Mercy Mercy Me. The Mighty Hoppers Have Fallen.

Wednesday, April 3 Washington, DC – They said it couldn’t be done.  And yet, here we are — guilt-stricken, sobbing with our heads on the floor.  That’s right friends.  Wednesday night against our most hated rivals, reincarnated as our frenemies,

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