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RFE Comes Up Short in Horserace, loses 5-4 to The Firm

Maybe you didn’t grow up on the beach.  But if you did, you already know that game on the boardwalk where there are twelve plastic racehorses stacked vertically.  You and eleven other schmos pay a dollar to roll racquetballs into

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Losing to a Lavender Team. Gross. RFE Falls 4-2.

Rock, Flag, and Eagle lost for the first time this season, dropping to the Uptown Roamers 4-2.  The loss gives RFE a record of 1-1-1, which sounds like some kind of deal Papa John’s offers during football season.  One large

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Those Dastardly Bros and Hipsters United.

Monday, April 21 Washington, DC – So, guys.  There’s this soccer team called Bros & Hipsters United.  We play them every freaking season.  We’ve never beat them.  We’ve never even tied.  I wish I could turn this post right on

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Young Hoppers Fall to Translate This 13-11

Wednesday, April 17 Washington, DC Well, fuck you very much.  I know this isn’t my personal blog, but instead a chronicle of the athletic feats and defeats of the teams on which I play, but I can’t help but point

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