The Adventures of Tomboyer chronicles the unhealthy competitive streak of an eleven year-old boy who happens to be a thirty year-old woman.

I love field day, running, sweating, sneakers, shooting treys, playing defense, being sore, eating Shot Bloks I shoved into my sports bra for convenience, high fives, hurdling, college basketball, frustrating professional sports teams (NY Jets, NY Mets, Boston Red Sox), morning work outs, neon clothing, Body Pump, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and milk, getting emotional over triumphant sports stories, and winning.

I hate laziness, unsustainable diets, bowling, fatties, idiots, when people hug me for no reason, mandatory rest days, people who think there’s a secret to being fit, winter, the girl who joined your intramural team to meet guys, the term “personal journey,”  lactose intolerance, girls who overcompensate for being uncoordinated by pretending it’s cute, and everything associated with Duke University.

I believe strong beats pretty seven days a week.



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