Rock, Flag, and Eagle Overthrow Home Rule, 3-2

It was one of those wet hot American summer nights where you sweat without even moving, but because our team is filled with fillies and studs, we just looked shiny and glamorous.  A handful of spinning disco balls who came to dance all over Home Rule.

disco ball

If you like human interest pieces, here’s a real treat for you.  RFE’s striker, Tommy Park, had all his soccer stuff pillaged by scalawags earlier in the week.  I know, totally lame, right?  He took the field in his turfs and some cheapo replacement shin guards, made of plastic and broken dreams.  After a few misfires, Tommy looked sad and frustrated.  But he was not to be defeated.

RFE developed a great passing game, sending winger Annette Isham on runs down the sidestripe to open up the field and create opportunities where they didn’t exist.  This shit was like microfinance.

Kevin Gemp, the unsung workhorse of RFE, started a novel game of connect the dots within the midfield, allowing the team to gradually ascend toward the goal.  And with the finesse you can’t find in a shampoo bottle, Marissa McBride neatly passed a ball to Tommy, who sent the postcard to his mama.


RFE leads, 1-0.  Inertia did what inertia always does, which is continue until a force stops it.

RFE dominated the ball and found offensive outlets, including a throwback to college intramurals and what I’m calling the Revival of the Stasia Carson Era.  I wonder how anyone could stand on those long spindly legs, let alone dribble coherently, so I can’t begin to comprehend how he’s got such touch after a five year hiatus.

And OK, OK, fine.  I’ll say it.  RFE’s offense was certainly helped by stringing together the two best strikers in the league when Fabian Galvez, who spends more of his time scoring against RFE than for us, decided to stick around and play.  The boys had themselves a regular old ping sesh, capped off when Fabian carried the ball into the box and lined up a pass to the perfect slot.  Straight cherries, and two goals for Tommy.

slot machine cherries

After the half, RFE held a 2-0 lead, which my high school soccer coach would harp was “the most dangerous lead in soccer.”  And unfortunately for know-it-all teenagers everywhere, he’s right.

Home Rule came out strong, sending a ball into the RFE defensive third where even the lifelong chemistry/petulance of the Bard Bros. couldn’t stop it.  After a ricochet and a tippy-tap, the ball hopped into the net to get Home Rule right back in the game, 2-1.  Ten minutes later, RFE took a free kick at midfield, which accidentally found its way to Home Rule’s most competent midfielder.  Like any child left unattended, this caused some trouble.  RFE found themselves on their heels as Home Rule pounded one into the net to tie the game at 2-2.

The winds had shifted to favor Home Rule, but this is a DC summer and kind breezes don’t last long.


Home Rule tired out in the waning minutes, which left open an easy passing lane to connect Kevin to Marissa to Tommy to everyone’s favorite hitman.  Fabian shifted his weight to his plant foot and pulled the trigger on the go-ahead goal.  Because when you’re a hired gun, you shoot to kill.

The 3-2 victory brings Rock, Flag, and Eagle  to 1-0-1.  The team faces off against the Uptown Roamers, some lavender team with Chris Nolin’s fake girlfriend, this Monday night at 6:30pm.


I'm an imp. I’m the youngest and smallest in a loud Irish family, which taught me that I will be interrupted unless I make my points (a) entertaining, (b) brief, or (c) outrageous. Being correct is immaterial. This is very good training for writing columns. I am not easily moved or offended, but I am easily amused. I enjoy writing for myself as much as I enjoy writing for an audience. I have several screenplays that sit on a hard drive, and I just like knowing they’re there. I also love soccer, basketball, running marathons, and milk. Professionally, I manage projects, staff, clients, and operations at a UX show that does websites and applications. Before that, I conducted opinion research at a public affairs firm. And before that, I got my Master of Public Policy at the University of Southern California and B.A. from the University of Maryland. I have lived in Washington, D.C. since 2007.

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