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RFE Ties Bros & Zombies 2-2 in Thriller

I circled the date on our schedule.  Monday, June 24.  Opening day.  Rock, Flag, and Eagle would begin out summer season.  Our ascent to a title match.  The first stop on our tour?  Those dastardly Bros & Hipsters United. On paper

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Biggie Shorties Win the Firefight, 5-4, Over MSI

The onset of summer means the onset of compulsory athletic activities.  For example, when someone casually asks you… “Yo.  How do you feel about playing more soccer?” …the end result is joining an entirely new league, new night, new team. 

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GET READY. The Summer of Tomboyer

If I’m indoors for more than three consecutive hours in the summer, I’m either staring wistfully out the window at work, sleeping to repair my muscles, or straight deadsies. If I’m faithful to you (and I’m going to try, but

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