Round-Up: Sweaty Activities for March 16-23

Despite the fact that my two greatest loves are sports and writing, it took me until last week to find a place to combine the two.  I’m not sure what that says for my analytical skills, but let’s just rejoice in the fact that I’ve finally found a solution after years of looking.  This is my Eureka! moment and I’m not going to let you ruin it.

But, seeing as The Adventures of Tomboyer only kicked up last week, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.  So, let’s pretend there’s no room for decimal places and do a little rounding up.

Saturday, March 16: Race

DC Rock ‘n Roll Marathon: 3:35:23 (8:13/mile)

At 42 seconds slower than my PR, I feel confident that the gains I made training for the ultra in November have stayed with me through the winter.  I’m also relieved that adding weights and cross-training while reducing weekly mileage didn’t compromise my performance.  Also, I ran this race 12 minutes faster than last year.  All this is great news.

Rock n Roll Marathon

The bad news is I probably won’t run this race next year.  It just seems like bad value to drop $150 for a mediocre course where you spend the last six miles running into a toxic headwind off the Anacostia or running up an unremarkable hill while no one cheers for you.  I could probably deal with all of that, but the chocolate milk at the finish line was frozen.  That’s just careless milk husbandry. I can’t go for that.  No can do.

The meh news is that I just barely missed my goal time of 3:35.  But my splits were relatively consistent, and I didn’t feel like I left anything in the tank.  In fact, I was absolutely gassed for the last three miles and couldn’t really even throw it into overdrive for the last quarter mile.  It just wasn’t there.  So, 3:35 and change will have to do.  No excuses, but sometimes you dig deep and run the best race you can but you just come up a little short.  What a very March Madness storyline.

Sunday, March 17: Run & Rest

One mile run to work the kinks out.

The day after a marathon is a joke.  My quads are like Christmas hams: swollen and completely cooked.  (Also, gigantic.)  If someone made me do squats, I might start crying.  Walking down a flight of stairs is so awful that for a moment, you wonder if it might be faster and less painful if you just fell.

But if you don’t go out for a run (and calling it a run is very generous — we’re talking about a slow jog here), you will feel that sore and that useless all week.  You just have to get out there and beat it down, get the lactic acid out, and then sit on your ass all day in sweatpants.

Monday, March 18: Soccer

Rock, Flag, and Eagle Soccer (0-0-1). Tie: 2-2.

Ever try to keep your muscles warm in 39-degree rain?  How about when they’re already in disrepair from having run a marathon?

And, what if your touch on the ball already sucks — do you think it would improve if the lights never turned on and you couldn’t see where your teammates were on the field?

A shit game in shit weather.  Great to get back on the pitch, but the conditions and the result could have been much better.

Costa Rica v United States - FIFA 2014 World Cup Qualifier

Tonight, which will also be 39 and rainy, is a chance for redemption on the field.  And also within this blog.  Instead of this recent college graduate’s cooking methodology (throw everything in the frying pan and hope it works), I’ll have a full game summary.

Tuesday, March 19: Ain’t Shit (Rest Day)

Rested and iced my ankle because it felt a little shit.  Because of soccer.  It’s always the ones we love who hurt us the most.

Wednesday, March 20: Softball

Young Hoppers Softball (1-0). Win 16-1.

The Young Hoppers took the field for our first game, crushing our opponents like Stalin.


Ex-tree, ex-tree.  Read all about it.

Thursday, March 21: Morning Run, Evening Cross-Train

Six mile run in the morning followed by a post-work circuit training session with Lee and Revi.  In other words, a 42 year-old woman (who looked 32) and wore tall, furry boots yelled at us while losing track of what 60 seconds is.  I’m not still angry at her, but for a good 45 minutes on Thursday night, she was my #1 enemy.

Friday, March 22: Accidental Sleep Through Alarm

Whoops!  I guess hip hop does sleep.  After meeting Joe, Ray, and Mikey D on Thursday to watch local talent spit hot fire, I had every intention of waking up to run the next morning.  But for the first time in my entire life, I slept through my alarm.  It just wasn’t going to happen.

Saturday, March 23: Tempo Run

Nothing to see here, folks.  Just added a little juice to the typical six miler.  Over the next three months, I’ll be doing a lot more speed work in an attempt to get my times down.  Also because it will be spring and bitches be wildin out.

kitty spring break


I'm an imp. I’m the youngest and smallest in a loud Irish family, which taught me that I will be interrupted unless I make my points (a) entertaining, (b) brief, or (c) outrageous. Being correct is immaterial. This is very good training for writing columns. I am not easily moved or offended, but I am easily amused. I enjoy writing for myself as much as I enjoy writing for an audience. I have several screenplays that sit on a hard drive, and I just like knowing they’re there. I also love soccer, basketball, running marathons, and milk. Professionally, I manage projects, staff, clients, and operations at a UX show that does websites and applications. Before that, I conducted opinion research at a public affairs firm. And before that, I got my Master of Public Policy at the University of Southern California and B.A. from the University of Maryland. I have lived in Washington, D.C. since 2007.

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  1. Now I have to keep up with 2 blogs? That’s just inconsiderate of you K.

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